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. satellite shows a big massive ridge of high pressure that will be the dominant feature throughout the weekend. go tok a hot holiday weekend. and there is sunny skies, going to be warm throughout the central part of the state. and 98 the high in sacramento. 104 in fresno. and sunday, up to 100 in sacramento. and 79 in big sur, warm here tomorrow into the bay area, south bay, skies sunny. highs 90 in san jose z 89 in coupe tino. on the pin anyone slarks highs of 82 in san mateo. and upper 60s on the coast and there is 70 in the sunset district. and there is highs mainly low to mid-90s and near east bay highs mid to upper 80s. and there is mid-80s towards fremont out into inland east bay, highs mid to upper 90s, monterey bay mid to upper 70s near the bay. and here is the accu-weather forecast. it's going to be hotter sunday, highs around 100 degrees, temperatures may drop off monday remaining sunny, looking like cloudy skies for the fire works displays around the bay area monday night z we bounce back up to 100 degrees tuesday. heat stays with us for a while. >> thanks spencer. >> co
of the people who cover, and making a big difference within the community. the walls are starting to come down. >> the police chief announced one effort that will take place this summer, dubbed a call in to the gangs. >> they will be offered services, opportunities to get out of the gang and community assistance if they so choose. >> saturday, city leaders will try to get guns off the streets by holding a gun buy back, offering $100 for the first 75 firearms turned into police. >> and time is running out in the search for seven men still missing after their fishing boat cap sized. the families of two men have now set up their own command center in the dining room of one home. we're now live. >> and you know there is good news tonight. just a moment ago, we learned the coast guard has agreed to continue searching for the men, tomorrow morning in, their specially equipped aircraft. the decision as the result of a full court press by folks gathered today to keep the search and their hope alive. >> we need our dad to come home. we need our uncles and sons to come home. now, at this point, we need
. the improvements at the civic center may be the last big project they ever complete. the $11.4 million started in 2008, and are finishing up just as redevelopment agency fights to survive. the california redevelopment association file aid lawsuit with the state court arguing the budget deal is unconstitutional. >> what they're doing is redirecting the money. at the end of the day where money goes is the issue. >> the state argues the legislature created redevelopment agencies and has power eliminate them. the complex deal that closed a $27 billion budget short fall relies on $1.7 billion inappropriate tax revenue that was aloe indicated to redevelopment agencies and now must be spent on schools. >> this issue here is can the state continue business as usual? the legislature said no. >> the san jose is responsible for projects ranging from the tech museum to affordable housing, going from a staff of 90 to just eight today f nothing changes this will cease to exist altogether on october 1. >> that is better remaining we're just going to proceed as we can. to there is no longer redevelopment. we
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. and there is competition, it's big. >> they're going to do what they need to do to right the ship. we're confident of that. >> cisco says there will be details on layoffs during the august 10th quarterry con -- quarterly conference call. >> so we'll see what happens. now, if you're looking for a job, you might find one at the next abc 7 job journal hire event. and it will be held tomorrow. among employers will be representing is conica, wall greens and u.s. mint. they hope to fill 250 jobs. >> and for the first time -- third time, rather in two months, police are investigating a shooting on a popular hiking and jogging trail in the east bay. the delta, deanza trail runs between concord and antioch. this happened in pittsburg involving teen-aged boys and a stolen gun. and we should telling the boy who was shot was a 14-year-old boy at last word went into surgery this morning in a local hospital and he's expected to recover. and police are talking with other teenager who's were out of the trail with him last night. and they're trying to determine who was holding the stolen gun whit went off. >> we've discov
yourself for the big, bold taste of a subway® bbq pulled pork sub. tender, succulent slow-cooked pork with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >>> a heated exchange over the death of a man last weekend in san francisco. demonstrators disrupted the commute to draw attention to the case and their goal to have the force disbanded. and abc 7 reports. yesterday, pro testers brought san francisco's evening commute to a stand still by climbing on a train. today they focused on bart's top brass and had one specific question. >> why do you need your own police department? >> it was the first committee meeting since an officer shot a man at the station last week and some board members seemed to have similar concerns. >> if we can't turn this around? if we can't become the force we need to be, then we need to take a look at alternatives again. we need to look at them, seriously. >> the police chief gave an update that left the 45-year-old charles hill, dead. police say he was drunk, armed with
people. >> and money problems in washington could are v.a big impact on california, especially on unemployment. edd is notifying more than one million californians if the crisis is not resolved their check koz stop coming. >> we don't have a reserve in our insurance trust fund. it's about $8.5 billion in the hole right now. we don't have that kind of backing to be able to pay basements right now. >> and also, schools are worried they won't be able to provide free lunches to children and a gas tax that goes to projects might not be distributed. >> and executives are growing concerned that the come back could be derailed by the impass. abc 7's david louie is live with what those tech leaders are saying. caved? >> ceos say there is a simple proposition for congress. if lawmakers do their job and get a debt deal done, ceos will focus on getting the economy back on track. no region of the country holds more promise to generate jobs and put the economy back on track. but record profits, job creation and growth could become casualties of a default. >> stocks could fall 20% to 30%. and
discounts in june prou producing a big rise in sales in 12 years smrks stores did better such as costco, with a 14% jump. also, saks, and khol's. spending spilled into electronics. >> customers are jumping on to smart phones, some cost range from $200 to 300s skpdz they're comfortable. >> the economy may not be all rosie yet wech spoke to golden gate university's kit yarrow via skype. >> i don't think suddenly people are feeling fancy free. it's more snapping up bargains. >> you can see people loaded down with shopping bags but see moms like amy reader with her four kids, on the move -- unmoved by deep discounts. >> i try not to buy on clearanceance too much. i noticed i'd buy a ton of stuff. half would never get used. >> this college student is facing higher tuitions and book costs. >> i've got to pay rent and things like that. i just -- don't have the money to spend on, you know, nice clothes or a bunch of pretty jewelry autos retailers may have to raise prices soon. >> between high prices they're facing for all of the components of the products they want to sell, and the very super b
tonight there. is a big warm up tomorrow. a cooling trend starting ash the end of the week. there is a low moving inland there. is a big ridge of high pressure going to take control of the weather bringing us much warmer weather and clockwise circulation around that high will serve to push low clouds and fog south ward away from our coastline. so we'll start the day tomorrow with clear condition as long the coastline. let's follow the kkt overnight. fog will be gone and there is is a nice warm up. high temperatures along the coast into upper 60s up to near 70 degrees, 70s to 80s around the bay and there are mid-90s into warmest inland locations, low temperatures to 60 in places like antioch, notice how far south will push overnight z there is high temperatures tomorrow. nice warm highs ranging from 86 in san jose. and there is highs mainly into low 80s, and low 80s in redwood city. and there is 68 in pacifica. coast will be warm. 73 degrees will be the high. and 69 in the sunset district. and there is nrj bay highs upper 80s and there is up to santa rosa and cloverdale. near east bay highs
probably won't have liked this big commotion about him. but he was a humble guy. well respected within the family and friends. and really cared for them. he was passionate about many things. fishing being one of them. >>y was with a group of friends when the fishing boat they chartered sank in a sudden storm in the sea of yortz a week ago sunday. 36 fishermen and crew were rescued or made it safely to the shore. seven others are still missing. >> and many family members of the missing men from that i will-fated ship attended the service. for them, last 10 days have beening aony. not knowing is deeply painful. as is the decision to call off the search and now, refusal by the department of defense to get involved. i sat down with the oldest son of one of the missing men. >> i mean, was always there to support you and to -- things from right and wrong. >> michael has many fond memories of his father, gene. many involve fishing. something his father dearly loved. >> live life to the fullest. always loved fishing and... he liked to laugh. he had a contagious smile. anyone could tell you tha
and there will be a huge delay. i'm not sure when we'd be able to get help. this is a big help. >> the california state parks foundation organizes volunteer days including many slated to close in the coming 12 month autos still coming up tonight at 6:30 for you, looming deadline on lifting the debt det ceiling. who is telling the truth? who is stretching it. an abc 7 news fact check. >> pg&e lays out a plan for opting out of a smart meter program. so far there is nothing for you to opt into. >> a bay area woman rats out a well known restaurant chain. stay with us. another half hour of newewewewew >>> countdown to crisis thchl clock from abc news know shoes there are five days, two hours and 30 minutes before the government runs flat out of money. and washington is no closer tonight to reaching consensus on how to resolve this. >> the u.s. congress remains split tonight in the face of an unprecedented default on the debt. today republicans clashed with democrats and each other, over raising the federal cap on borrowing. it appears john boehner won additional g.o.p. support for his bill after using asalt
. >> this guy says the petition is all about making the big shots pay. >> big city officials are all like... aha. we've got a free ride you know? >> okay. >> it makes it fair for all of us. >> and nathan is representing unions. >> you can't say this is about night time parking meters when it's about pensions. >> he says the 72,000 signatures gathered should be thrown out. >> our lawyers are looking into it now. >> he says the measure is spelled out right on the petition. >> every petition has what is called a sum marie prepared by the city. pechl read petition before signing it and he adds there were 300 people collecting signatures over tloo months. >> if opponents, you know have any evidence that a person has signed a petition under false pretenses they should come forward witness. i haven't seen any. >> still it's ironic that he has video rolled out, it would be an under cover camera watching -- watching his petition gathers in a web of lie autos well we made it clear to all of the signature gatherers to be accurate. now... is there could be an explanation as to every detail? no that. is why
it. now it appears a big threat is from a rifleal speesy, warn owl encroaching on spotted owl's territory. >> midnight there will be a new ambulance service in santa clara county. rural metro workers were getting gear together to begin servicing the south bay for five years. 95% of the staff was previously employed at amr, providing ambulance services in the county since 1979. the company getting 55 new ambulances equipped with new technologies. >> technology that they'll be seeing includes new cardiac monitors that can transmit patient data to the hospital. and prior to patient arriveal there. >> the rur fleet will count on five special vehicles that will transport and treat obese patients. >> tonight new at 6:30, lapd investigators come to the bay area to help find a missing teenager. a student from india somehow got left behind. >> and tonight a look at a massive tunneling project and the water it will deliver throughout the bay area. >> and britain's royal couple, will and kate making their north american debut as newlyweds. >>> a high school student from india has vanishe
in san francisco for the city's annual 4th of july fire works show. but the big question tonight is, will the weather cooperate? spencer, what is the answer? >> short answer is or the of. and there is some coastal fog and it will be present tonight, but it's a shallow marine layer, most fire works are occurring about 500 foot level. you'll be tibl see this thin, shallow layer, you'll be tibl see fire works at lower height z those that go up to a thousand feet should be visible. so there is temperatures that are mild. around the bay, clear skies and visibility should be nice and displays taking place around the bay. farther inland, clear skies, warm conditions and temperatures into 70s and the no problem with visibility there z tahoe, mostly clear skies, again, good viewing for tonight's fire works. >> and the rej taigs dried out quickly this, afternoon, crews are on patrol making sure people follow the law, and don't set off fire works. wayne freedman is live in the oakland hills, wayne? >> and they're doing it diligently. we're in hiller highlands where it's significant they change
, temperatures bottoming out in a big way next week. there is some fog around, low temperatures dropping into mid-50s. and on we go to the satellite image. there is a trough and this cooler pattern going to continue for the next six days or so. take a look at how things will be shaping up. at 5:00 in the morning, fog around the skbai coast. will burn back to the coastline. and there is by 3:00 high temperatures on the coast only into upper 60s, and and there are no 90s expected tomorrow. and into the south bay, highs from 79 in santa clara. 84 in saratoga. 72 san mateo. 77 mountain view. upper 50s on the coast. so getting cooler there. downtown san francisco, a high of 63 degrees tomorrow. 58 into sunset district. 81 in santa rosa. and clear lake will be the only locations seeing 90 degrees or better. there is low to mid-70s inland east bay, low to mid-80s and danville and near monterey bay, 67 in watsonville. and 80s inland in gilroy. and and just keeps on getting cooler. we'll bottom out with lowest temperature readings. and upper 70s around the bay into upper 60s to maybe 70. upper 50s and on
on in washington is a big part of the reason why. before i served in congress i ran a small business in ohio. i was amazed at how different washington, d.c. operated than every other business in america. while most american businesses make the hard choices to pay their bills, live within their means, in washington, more spending and more debt is business as usual. well, i've got news for washington, those days are over. president obama came to congress in january and requested business as usual, he had another routine increase in the national debt, but we in the house said, not so fast. here was a president asking for the largest debt increase in american history on the heels of the largest spending binge in american history. and here's what we got for that massive spending binge, a new health care bill that most americans never asked for, a stimulus bill that's more effective in producing material for late night comedians than it was in producing jobs and a national debt that has gotten so out of hand it sparked a crisis without precedent in my fetime or yours. the united states cannot default
they hope will be next big hit just like angry birds. and we take us app camp in the south bay. >> this game is like based on mario. kind of. >> margaret is developing a classic video game called gem collector autos you're trying to collect all of the gems on each level. >> it's sure to be a hit with kids. she'd know that better than anyone. >> you're how old? >> 10. >> welcome to app camp. it's a one week program that gives middle schoolers a taste of software development. >> your classmates are playing video games. you're making video games? >> feels like i'm on top. >> she's making a falling blocks game. >> topple the block was out having the red blocks fall. >> he and classmates are in the debugging stages now. >> you just jumped. >> there is -- very to fix that. >> but not without help from the instructor. he's teaching them tricks of the trade. the kids are teaching him, too. >> they're coming up with very original ideas, story-driven characters. and more script, more about the content and less about just the basic shoot them up games. we're getting original content here. >> some have
works for blame. it was a 4th of july fire works spectacular, lighting up the skies like big budget shows, only there weren't any professionals around. >> explosives is what it sounds like. >> in a sign of just how explosive problems are, this barrel for illegal fire works in east oakland is empty. around the corner a street littered with remains of a neighborhood show. the fire works in this neighborhood left him frustrated. >> if they'd been doing their job they could have caught them. there is a, you know, the police, it's illegal for fire works in berk lie authorities say they're outnumbered. >> given the number of fire works they're stretched thin already. so it's pleading with the public, asking neighbors to ask their neighbors not to partake in lighting off fire works. >> and it's up to local police departments to enforce this ban on illegal fire works and fines can run from a thousand up to $10,000 if you're caught with large amounts. reporting in berkeley abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. the east bay not the only area, take a look at these illegal fire works being set of
. >> i am still pushing... for to us achieve a big deal. >> coming up next local tea party weighs in on the debt crisis in washington. >> a household name and household products becomes a take overtarget. the company's stockholders with a bidding war. >>> a salute to a man they didn't know. a fitting home coming to a soldier missing since world war ii. another half hour of news begins in just a moment. llllllllllllllasasqpqpqpqpqpú+ j q
publishers have lost another outlet. the truth is that big box and independent face a common enemy. electronic revolution. >> people are buying books online but more than that, i think it's the electronic books, e books. >> explosion of e readers like kindel and i've pad -- ipad has many book lovers trading in tradition for ease of down loading. >> foremost general purpose materials it's fine as an e book. >> a new generation and new technology have changed rules when it comes to survival of the fittest the book battle is on. >> if you want the copy that looks like the one your grandmother read to you, you're not going to get that by down loading it. >> borders closes in september. and bells is marking 76 years and open for business. >> and there is a 7 on your side investigation. a san francisco woman says the city broker water pipe and made her bay pai to fix them. >> from washington tonight a breakdown in the debt talks. the speaker ends negotiations and bay area democrats are happy, either. >> and this is what you call the marine layer. it's rolling into n.from the coast. i'll
. >> there was a huge plume of smoke. goi into the house and tell everybody there is a big fire somewhere. myself and kids we got our shoes on, walked up to walt yefr's road. we can see flames just shooting up from behind. just it was crazy. >> are you concerned about what is in that smoke? >> yes. i can smell it. it's burning my nose. >> so thick it covered the sun. the sun looked at the moon. so much thick black smoke up there. >> as we stand here there has been no official word that residents can go back outside and despite improving conditions few people are out here. and there is people heeding that warning. so far, it's just been the debris in the pool. and they said if they have to, they'll drain pools to make sure they're safe for residents. >> thank you. and of course, you have respiratory problems this makes sense to stay inside. and this first one shows a thick plume of smoke. and there is one picture of the sun masked by the smoke. there is another shot of the dark smoke taken from entrance to the pittsburgh marina. and brenda moore took this one for us of billowing smoke there. is a
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)

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